Thursday, July 29, 2010

Warner Family Vacation-2010

Snowbird Fun
Kyle is waiting calmly and patiently for his turn down the hill.

Ricaren and Olivia
Natalie and Sean

Tayvia and Ross
Brittney, "I am NOT Supergirl, she wears pink.  I am Superman".
Maria & Isabel
Kyle only did this part of the jungle gym and climbed down.  Apparently way too scary.
Baylee on the Jungle Gym

At the top of the tram ride.  Wish Grandma, Grandpa, Avery, Terri, and Paul were with us.

Avery, Mark, Brayden, & Chelsea waiting for the Alpine Slide

Kyle had quite the time on the bull.  Let's just say the bull won, and left the poor boy with a bruised head and bloody nose.

The day at Echo Lake

NO pool....No problem!
Ahhh, sisterly LOVE-Hardly!
Kyle, Natalie, and Olivia's first tube ride

We had such a great time with our family.  Many more memories to add to the ones we already have,  and I hope many more to come.


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